PipeMic Flex

A flexible in-pipe leak detection system up to 50meters

The PipeMic© Flex from FAST is the latest In-Pipe Leak Detection tool for pressurised live water pipes.

The PipeMic© Flex is an in-pipe acoustic leak detection system. The innovative flexible tip houses an acoustic sensor that can detect leaks from within the pipe. When a leak has been located the line of the pipe can be detected by line tracing the PipeMic©, and then accurately pinpointing the tip by tip tracing the acoustic sensor. The PipeMic© Flex is a fast accurate methodology of tracing service pipes from 20mm diameter.

• High sensitivity
• Can be used down to pressures as low as 1bar
• Uses standard CAT and Genny equipment for tracing
• Bluetooth the sound to either speakers or headphones
• 10bar aqualock seal
• Chlorination tank and wiper seal
• Works from standard 9v battery
• Multiple access opportunities