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Leading the way in providing one-stop solutions for location, survey, and detection

HMG Water Solutions is a leading supplier of the world’s best branded equipment to the grey, black and potable water, gas, electric, communication, construction and civils industries. Focused on locating, surveying and detecting, underground infrastructure and utilities, HMG Water Solutions are the experts to find the solutions.

Location – HMG Water Solutions are experts in location devices and systems. As an independent supplier of location equipment, HMG Water Solutions can offer the right equipment for the right job, ensuring accurate fast results every time. 

Survey – HMG Water Solutions prides itself on being able to supply the best survey equipment available to provide the vision our customers require. Whether it is in a sewer or a live potable water drink pipe, HMG Water Solutions can supply and support the best survey equipment that provides the detail that allows informed decisions to be made.

Detection – HMG Water Solutions is a leading supplier of leak detection equipment for live water pipes. Whether it is a simple listening stick, correlators combined with an in-pipe acoustic leakage system or, a fully integrated intelligent leak detection and management system for a whole network, HMG Water Solutions has a range of options that will help to eliminate water leakage. HMG Water Solutions delivers ‘Business As Usual’ solutions every day.

Hire – HMG Water Solutions hire a wide range of cable avoidance tools, cameras, safety and survey equipment.

Service and Repairs – HMG Water Solutions provide a fully auditable Service and Repair process for cable location equipment and survey camera systems. Manufacturer approved for C-Scope, IPEK, SynthoCam and Vivax full certified and warrantied repairs, service and calibration can be carried out.

Training – HMG Water Solutions offers comprehensive training on Cable avoidance Tools and Precision Locators from Radiodetection, Vivax-Metrotech and C. Scope. Our trainers have years of experience with the use and applications of location products, having originally worked on their development. We recognise the broad range of ground worker competences, concentrating on the most important issues relating to safe excavation, protecting both operators and buried assets. Our courses are manufacturer approved. Courses are available as a half day or full day session for up to 10 or 20 people per session at the customers location and at an agreed time, or individuals may wish to sign up to one of our regular half day courses held at our offices in Wiltshire or North Yorkshire.  

Technical support – No two excavations or inspection sites are the same, so understanding how specialist equipment can be used in a variety of different ways to locate and trace buried utilities, without compromising the safety of the workforce is important. HMG Water Solutions staff have years of experience in applying a range of techniques and accessories to locate, trace and avoid buried assets in complex environments.

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