Towing Socks

A simple device for pulling cables and pipes into ducts and host pipes. Manufactured using high tensile wire that is galvanised. Reusable. From 4mm to 180mm. Single and twin loop heads available.

Towing Socks can be used for any application that requires a pulling load to be applied to a cable, pipe, tube or similar object. These can be used either above or below ground, most commonly used for the installation of cables.  They work on the principle ‘the harder the pull, the tighter the grip’.

The Towing Socks consist of a wire mesh tube with an eye at one end. They are woven using high tensile galvanised steel wire. They are reusable and add little to the outside diameter of the object being pulled. Their use need not be restricted to circular objects. The Single Eye version is available in a range of sizes from 4mm to 180mm. Other types and sizes are available upon request.

• 4mm to 280mm
• Single Eye
• Woven using High Tensile Steel Wire
• Other versions available upon request