Seba C3

Localised noise loggers and correlators for zone measurement

The SebaKMT HL7000 is a simple compact wireless acoustic and gas leak detection system for water pipes.

The HL7000 is a state-of-the-art combination system that is versatile but simple to use. The ergonomically designed system not only looks the business but does the business. In its base format it uses a wind proof ground microphone. However, three additional sensors can be attached, A Feeler rod sensor a Piezoelectric microphone or a Tracer Gas sensor. Versatility in one simple package.

• Easy to use with a colour touch screen display
• Online and Offline Correlation
• Long operating time and inductive sensor charging
• Pinpointing with multi-sensors or ground microphone
• Perfect for plastic pipes and trunk mains
• Multi-correlation without pipe parameter input